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450 Physics Building

Heat Transfer, Fluid Dynamics, Computational Analyses, and Thermodynamics


Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Taiwan University, 1970
Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of S. California, 1973
Ph. D., Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, 1977
Post Doctor, Applied Physics, Harvard University, 1978
Assistant Professor, University of Maryland, College Park, 1978
Associate Professor, University of Maryland, College Park, 1983
Scientist, Lawrence National Livermore Lab, Livermore, USA, 1985
Guest Editor, Numerical Heat Transfer Journal, 2011
Professor, Department of Physics, Xiamen University, 2012-present
Founder (co-founder, Leo Tian), CKX Laboratories, Changkeng, China, 2016-present

Buckling of Steel Rails, Department of Transportation, USA, 2008.

Personal Life-Understanding Math and Science (PLUMS), The University of Maryland Foundation, USA, 2010   

Personal Life-Understanding Math and Science (PLUMS), The University of California, Institute of Complex Adaptive Matters, 2013 
Convective of LED Cooling, Shineraytek, Shanghai, 2013 
* Tien-Mo Shih, Chenxu Wu, and Yufeng Zhang, Improvements on Scientific-Journal-Paper English Writing Skills, Xiamen University Press, ISBN 978-7-5615-5804-1, 2016. 
Tien-Mo Shih, Numerical Heat Transfer, published by Springer-Verlag, pp. 563, 1984. ISBN 3-549-13051-9, published by Springer-Verlag, and ISBN 0-89116-257-7 published by Hemisphere. 该书由中国科学出版社于1987年出版翻译,浙江大学陈越南教授主翻。中国科学院热物理研究所葛绍岩校对。继由苏联科学院于1988年出版翻译。由Professor V. I. Polezhaev 翻译。(563 pages).
* Tien-Mo Shih, Heat Transfer – Lessons with Examples Solved in Matlab, University Readers, First edition, 2012. (293 pages), ISBN: 978-1-60927-544-0. Also see:

Journal Papers published since 2013

* Bin Wang, Tien-Mo Shih, Chenxu Wu, Characteristics of instantaneous heat transfer rates in three heat-transfer-coefficient regimes, Int. J. Heat and Mass Transfer, 93, 889-895, 2016. (二区)

* Shanhe Su, Yangchao Zhang, Jincan Chen, Tien-Mo Shih, Thermal electron-tunneling devices as coolers and amplifiers, Scientific Reports, to appear. (二区).

* Jihong Zhang , Tienmo Shih, Yijun Lu, Holger Merlitz, Richard Ru-Gin Chang, and Zhong Chen, Non-synchronization of lattice and carrier temperatures in light-emitting diodes, Scientific Reports, to appear. (二区)

* Lu Yijun, Ziquan Guo, Tien-Mo Shih, Zhong Chen, Optical degradation mechanisms of InGaN-based white LEDs by high-temperature aging tests, IEEE Trans. on Reliability, to appear. (二区)

* Hua Xiao, Yijun Lu, Tien-Mo Shih, and Zhong Chen, Improvements on optical-and-chromatic uniformities of light-emitting diodes with microscale-roughness-controlled surfaces, IEEE Trans. on Photonics, to appear. (二区)

* Siqi Lin, Tien-Mo Shih, Yijun Lu, Richard Ru-Gin Chang, and Zhong Chen, Optimization of cooling effects with fins of various cross sections, Numerical Heat Transfer, to appear. (二区)

* Zhaojing Gao, Tien-Mo Shih, Holger Merlitz, and Zhong Chen, Controlling and maximizing effective thermal properties by manipulating transient behaviors during energy-system cycles, Int. Comm. Heat Mass Transfer, to appear. (二区)

* Zhaojing Gao, Tien-Mo Shih, Shanhe Su, Jincan Chen, Zhong Chen, Transient models integrating photovoltaic, electron-tunneling, and thermoelectric mechanisms, Numerical Heat Transfer, to appear. (二区)

* Shaoxin Shen, Zhilin Yang, Tien-Mo Shih, et al., Plasmon-enhanced second-harmonic generation nanorulers with ultrahigh sensitivities, Nano Letter, 15, 6716-6721, 2015 (一区)

* Tien-Mo Shih, Zhaojing Gao, Ziquan Guo, Holger Merlitz, Patrick J. Pagni & Zhong Chen, Scientific Reports 5, Article number: 12677, 2015. (二区)
* Qi Yao, Tien-Mo Shih, Richard Ru-Gin Chang, Zhong Chen, Yu-Lin Gao, Yi-Jun Lu, optimization of Cooling Characteristics in High-Voltage LEDs, Numerical Heat Transfer, to appear. (二区)

* Sijia Dang, Yulin Gao, Tien-Mo Shih, Zhong Chen, et. al., "A transmission-type testing system for measuring optical characteristics of phosphors for remote-phosphor-based white LEDs, IEEE Trans. on Photonics, to appear. (二区) 

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* Xiuqin Zhang, Yuan Wang, Juncheng Guo, Tien-Mo Shih, and Jincan Chen, A unified model of high-temperature fuel-cell heat engine hybrid systems and analyses of its optimum performances, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, vol. 39, 1811-1825, 2014. (二区)
* Hua Xiao, Yi-Jun Lu, Tien-Mo Shih, et al., Improvements on remote diffuser- phosphor-packaged light-emitting diode systems, IEEE Trans. On Photonics, vol. 6, pp. 1-8, 2014.  (二区)
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* Jihong Zhang, Biqing Wu, Tien-Mo Shih, Thermal analyses of alternating current light-emitting diodes, Applied Phys. Lett., vol. 103, 153505, 2013. (二区)




Heat Transfer (传热学) and Fluid Dynamics

Numerical Analyses, Computational Methods

Personal Life-Understanding Math and Science (PLUMS)

Technical English Writing for Journal Papers

Numerical Methods and Modeling Using MATLAB 


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