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理论物理与天体物理研究所系列讲座之284:Weak lensing study in VOICE survey

Title: Weak lensing study in VOICE survey

Speaker: 傅莉萍 教授(基金委优秀青年)
Institute: 上海师范大学(SHNU)
Time: 2018.03.29(Thursday) 15:30
Place: Physics Building 552, Haiyun Campus, Xiamen University

Abstract: The VST Optical Imaging of the CDFS and ES1 Fields (VOICE) Survey is a VST INAF Guaranteed Time program proposed to provide deep optical imaging covering two 4 deg^2 cosmic windows.  I will present the cosmic shear measurement of four tiles of CDFS sub-field in r-band using Lensfit.  Each tile has more than one hundred exposures to
reach deep imaging.  The r-band co-added  image reaches 5 sigma limiting magnitude r = 26.1 for point sources, which is 1.2 mag deeper than KiDS. The performance of  Lensfit on deep imaging was calibrated using VOICE-like simulation. As a sanity check, we constrain cosmological parameters by exploring the parameter space with Population Monte Carlo sampling.