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学术报告:Plasma edge transport bifurcation in a flux-driven system

题目:Plasma edge transport bifurcation in a flux-driven system
报告人:李博 北京大学物理学院 研究员
时间:2017年7月3日星期一 上午10:30

Transport bifurcation and mean shear flow generation in plasma resistive interchange turbulence are explored with self-consistent fluid simulations in a flux-driven system with both closed and open field line regions. The nonlinear evolution of resistive interchange modes shows the presence of two confinement regimes characterized by low and high mean shear flows. By increasing the heat flux above a threshold, large-amplitude fluctuations are induced in the plasma edge region and a transition to the state of reduced turbulent transport occurs as the Reynolds power exceeds the fluctuation energy input rate for a sufficient time period. The flux-gradient relationship shows a sharp bifurcation in the plasma edge transport.