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理论物理与天体物理研究所系列讲座之255:The kinematically decoupled galaxies from SDSS-IV/MaNGA

Title: The kinematically decoupled galaxies from SDSS-IV/MaNGA

Speaker: 陈燕梅 副教授
Institute: 南京大学
Time: 2017.04.20(Thursday) 14:30
Place: Physics Building 573, Haiyun Campus, Xiamen University
Abstract: In this talk, I will introduce the properties of kinematically decoupled galaxies selected from MaNGA survey, including (1) galaxies with kinematically misaligned gas and stars; (2) galaxies with two counter-rotating stellar disks, which are defined as 2sigma galaxies in the literatures. From the properties such as stellar population, metallicity, environment, I will try to discuss the formation mechanisms of these objects.